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Has anyone else noticed how beautiful this world we live in is ?

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Created and Directed by Mike Mansewitsch & Willy Roberts

Written and Produced by Brenan Campbell, Mike Manasewitsch & Willy Roberts

The story of the last glass eye maker in Britain. 
Filmed on 16mm.

Keep positive! 

Nice little animation and real time video. However small you may feel, You Are important and you have a future and life time of possibilities and certainties. Enjoy 


This is an amazing short film which was collectively made by people around America and was shot on DSLR cameras. Amazing quality. Great story line and intresting to understand how much Pre-Production must of gone into this to make such a well working short film. 

A short video about a dream in summer. Quite nice. Keep it real but not too real other wise the workd you live in will bore you. Keep it real but imitative. 

Count your blessing and take away from this video what these people have: Happiness and a general positive attitude towards life however it may come.